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Hey, I'm Brandon, 25 years old, Canadian. I work an overnight job as a residential counsellor. I also do a bit of photography on the side. (CHECK OUT MY LINKS) I am in a relationship with the most amazing and perfect girlfriend ever. I figured I would show you my photography and the random crap I find online at work to keep me awake and sane. Which is a bit of everything. Enjoy!

Happy two year anniversary babe, never thought I'd get this lucky. ;D Love you to the moon and back and even to infinity and beyond. <3 xx


GAH! :$ :$ HAPPY TWO YEARS! YAY we did it babe! :D And here is to another two more and another :D I love you with everything in me and then some! And BAH! you never thought you’d get this lucky!? You are everything I could ever dream of Kara! I have to be the luckiest man in the universe, being with the most perfectest person anyone could ever ask for!! <3 I love you soulmate!!!

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