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Hey, I'm Brandon, 25 years old, Canadian. I work an overnight job as a residential counsellor. I also do a bit of photography on the side. (CHECK OUT MY LINKS) I am in a relationship with the most amazing and perfect girlfriend ever. I figured I would show you my photography and the random crap I find online at work to keep me awake and sane. Which is a bit of everything. Enjoy!


As our boat glides right into the placid cove, soaring karsts covered in thicket witness our entry. The water beneath us is patched by shallow reefs one sec, and deep green chasm the other. As we near the wooden jetty, our roaring double-bladed boat silences off to match the peace that the cove is. Though the sky is likely to cry, the place seems more alive.

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A Classic Car at the KC Classic Auto & Display Museum (Lenexa, Kansas)


Wind Dance - Dorset, September 2014

(As ever, more of my photography can be found here, I appreciate any and all feedback, and, though I love you all fiercely, please do try and refrain from removing the text/source if you reblog/share this post. Cheers! Jim).


Cambridge, Ladder 3


© Kiyoshi Yamaguchi.


Land Ahoy - Ventimiglia - Italy


Labinsk / Russia / 2014 
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the daily frame

enrich the darkness


taken at leeum, seoul


A Scene From The City Of Coronado In Color